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S. Painter rates Coffin Humor a FIVE STAR - Short but so enjoyable
Here's her review:
What a great short story! John Brinling was able to pack a wonderful twisting and slightly dark story into something that just flowed and grew into a fabulously entertaining, yet surprising story. With just a few words Mr. Brinling was able to create two full-bodied characters, Noah - the coffin guy, and Jeremy - the "funeral service practitioner". Yet by the end of the story you'll wonder how these two characters changed in such a few words. Mr. Brinling grabbed me with the first few paragraphs and didn't let me go until the last word. I recommend this short story for anyone who loves a fun turn of words, witty come backs, and being twisted and turned as the story quickly moves along. Very good job Mr. Brinling!
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