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Device: sony reader prs 350
sony prs 350: blank unresponsive screen, blinking orange light

I'm in a pretty stressful situation right now. I'm a university student who has a 20 pg paper due tomorrow, and 2 other 20 pg papers due on apr 15th. I have my reader's memory almost filled with academic articles, along with notes and citations I intend to use.
This morning I went to turn on my reader, and the screen was completely unresponsive and is blank. The light next to the power switch blinks orange. When connected to an ac adapter, and reset, the light will turn red. If the power switch is slid, or held, the red is broken by the blinking orange light. The screen continues to display nothing.
When connected by USB to my computer, the device is not recognized.
My reader software is up to date. I have not left it on overnight (quite sure), and I've treated the device as if it were made of glass.
Does anyone know of any solutions?
I wasted a solid two hours in a frustrating attempt to work with the customer support staff over the phone with sony. I tried resetting it multiple times, and used various methods to turn it on. Is there anything else I can do to try and get the device to respond?
The online support sony offers is equally frustrating.
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