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I should also probably add two points about the way the script currently works:
  • I attempted to optimize the ImageMagick command for text - it will not work well for images because the dither is turned off to keep the text from bleeding (especially on a screened background)
  • You will note that the minipages overlap - I did this on purpose because I can't cut the images like Amazon does (at a place where there is a horizontal blank area) because most of my documents don't have such an area (lines between columns, oddly placed figures) -- this was acutally one of my motivations for this because the amazon conversion didn't work as well for me on these types of documents. If you want to reduce the overlap for your personal tastes the crop commands, e.g., changing:
    -crop 520x640+450
    -crop 520x640+520
    would produce no overlap between the first and second images (adjust the third accordingly as needed)

I hope some of these comments will help some of the tinkerers...

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