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Hi all-

like Care and ould, I have a nookcolor in Canada. I've ordered and delivered it through a US shipping address, and have also ordered ebooks as well without issue. My Visa with a Canadian bank has a Canadian billing address, but I've assigned a US SHIPPING ADDRESS to my card through my bank. As long as B&N have that verified shipping address in your account, I think that seems to satisfy their requirements. Any bank should allow you to attach a verified alternate shipping address to a credit card account- I have two in the US, one in the UK and one in Japan even. There are plenty of Mailboxes Etc.-type locations around the world who offer package receiving and forwarding services for a monthly rate or per-package fee. Google is your friend.

Yes, it will cost you a few dollars more upfront for the additional transshipping and GST/PST/HST/VAT to your country, but the savings on 'consumables' vs. other stores especially on periodicals and the additional capabilities of a 'nooted' nc are well worth it.

The other option of course is to buy in person at a B&N store in the US, but then purchasing ebooks and magazines down the road you will still encounter the same rights/licensing issue, even with a nooted device. If you are encountering an issue being restricted from downloads - again, Google is your friend. Cheap and/or free IP proxies have been available for years and are very popular for accessing other US or UK-only services such as Netflix, Hulu, ComedyCentral or the BBC's streaming services. Mine has been rooted after registration to allow access to the Android Market, and of course one of the first apps I downloaded was the Amazon Kindle reader for Androids..

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