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Mobi One Windows 7 tablet PC

This week, Ndigo will launch the ‘Mobi One, powered by ExoPC’ in the Netherlands. The Mobi One is a 11,6inch Windows 7 tablet PC with powerful performance.

In Canada and the USA the Mobi One ™ has received many positive reviews, mainly because of it’s unique Windows 7 UI layer. This UI (User Interface) is specially designed to get the most out of this 11.6”tablet. The powerful Mobi One ™, with it’s 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 processor and 2GB DDR2 memory is ideal for more critical users, like business people, people on universities etcetera.

The Mobi One ™ got a 32GB Solid State Drive memory. Optionally, customers can choose for an upgrade to the 64GB solid state drive version which also includes 3G + GPS functionality. The dimensions of the Mobi One ™ are 295mm x 195mm x 14mm, with a weight of only 990 grams, thanks to its lightweight magnesium alloy.

It’s 11.6 inch 1366 x 768 pixel display can be used by a fully capacitive multi-touch screen. Full HD 1080p output image quality is guaranteed by the mini HDMI connector, which supports SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition). Thereby, you can make a videoconference with the Mobi One, using the built-in webcam. The Mobi One ™ is standard equiped with: WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB, SD card slot, built-in speakers, built-in microphone and a headphone jack.

Currently, the offer in Windows 7 tablets in the Netherlands is very limited. There is no other brand yet offering a Windows 7 tablet PC with a special UI layer, like the Mobi One™. Unlike many other tablets the Mobi One fully supports Flash and Silverlight, which makes this tablet ideal for applications in educational use and for business.

The Mobi One ™ is now available at from 799 euros. The 64GB version with 3G and GPS is available from this week. The 32GB version has been delayed due to recent circumstances in Japan. More information about this tablet can be found at
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