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There is maybe some issues with the Mac version. I installed it on my wife's iMac (running 10.4.11) and the computer's sleep function quit working. Only way I could fix it was to disable sleep and just run it with just a screen saver. My wife was so irate about it that I haven't even tried to use the sony library software on there since. I run a linux box myself and of course there is no linux version, but I use vmware under linux to open a window running windoze xp just to run things like the sony library. It works but it's an extra hassle to use. OTOH, I'm very glad the calibre got the kinks out of it's linux version and now I can use that nice program to do everything but put drm books on my reader. So what I do with my 950 now is just look the books up on the web at the sony ebookstore, then if I decide to buy them, I purchase them and download them directly to the reader over the 3g network.
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