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Wink Re: PocketBook pro 902 & pro 903

Hi Fer400, I've had my PocketBook Pro 902 for about 4 months now, and I love it. Despite the negatives listed below, if you're looking for an ebook reader, you can't go wrong with the 902. The screen is excellent, you can add whichever truetype fonts you prefer, and there are five size levels per font. I'm 63 years old and I read at the smallest Courier font size (9) with no problems at all. The contrast is good under indoor lighting, and excellent in direct sunlight. As for problems with the 902, I haven't had one yet. I have upgraded the firmware from the original I received in December 2010 to 2.0.4, then 2.0.5 without any problems, and I'm planning on doing the 2.0.6 update tonight after I get home. I can't answer your Mac question because A) I use a PC, and B) I've always found the USB cable to be the easiest way to update the library on the device. As mentioned in just about every other thread in the Pocketbook forum, Calibre is the absolute best tool for using for library management and ebook conversion. If you have any other questions regarding the 902 specifically, please feel free to ask.


Originally Posted by Shinra tensei View Post
Hi fer 400
For reading i can confirm. Even if it hasn't a pearl screen, it is very good. And if you buy a 903 model, you can use to write on it as well... since i have bought it, i don't write anymore on papers, just on my pocketbook 903.
However, I suggest you to look at this page,
in particular the last model of large devices. On judging the Pocketbook 903 consider that

1) SDK is still not available (even if in the link reported above it's written "yes")
2) "Annotation" function is available but it isn't what you could think... it is actually a useless function. This is a pity since the device is touch screen and has the hardware to implement this fully.
3) There are different bugs that are not always fixed with the recent updates.
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