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Feed content instead of articles in downloaded news

As of today, the feed (and others on the site) cause calibre to put the content of this RSS page, together with the images, into the generated book. It does not put there the articles themselves.
I've first thought this is because of my recipe, so I've successively removed everything except for

feeds = [
(u'Domácí', u''),

and the result is still the same. Funny thing, it worked until yesterday. With debug, the page in the browser says "This article was downloaded by calibre from 7a4ac0Cl0C0ALDomaci0ABiHNed0ABcz0ACc10AE51460AA690 AA0AEchtel0AEjsem0AEjen0AEhezkou0AEspz0AErika0AEmu z0AEkvuli0AEnemuz0AEted0AEpraha0AEceli0AEexekuci0C story0A10Bhtm/story01.htm", however this is not true, the content is just a snippet of the RSS page.

The only error-like message in the log is

Parsing feed_0/index.html ...
Initial parse failed:
XMLSyntaxError: Opening and ending tag mismatch: br line 32 and div, line 33, column 7

but this refers to the lines

<div class="calibre_feed_description calibre_rescale_80"><br>
which are perfectly sound.

Any idea what may cause this behavior?
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