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Beginner Questions about calibre2opds index

I finally got the nerve to softroot my Nook and I've been playing with calibre and calibre2opds. Pardon if these questions are too elementary, but I've looked everywhere and can't find the answers to these questions.

I finally succeeded in producing catalogs of my books. I have the catalogs in My Documents folder on the Nook. To get to it, I have to go to the folder marked Calibre.library, then to _catalog and then to index. My question is, is there someway that that index file can appear as soon as I open the My Documents folder or do I have to dig for it every time. Is there a way to bookmark it?

Also, in the Nookdevs My Library, I like that both B&N books and other books are grouped together, but there are like a million tags in there that I didn't put into it and that don't show up in Calibre either. How do I get rid of the extraneous tags?

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