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Tutorial: Removing User Guide and Nook Tour w/ Soft root

I posted this info on another board, but it has not received much attention. I thought I would share the info with a larger community.

After searching high and low, I could not find a solution to remove the User Guide or Tour from my Nook. I figured I would save a lot of people some time and give them step-by-step instructions on how to remove these annoyances. I understand these files are not huge, however like I stated, they are annoyances.

You can only remove these guides if you are soft rooted. <-- Read again. Keep in mind, you are running these commands. You are responsible if you brick your Nook. Chances are slim, but I have to throw the standard warning out there.

I am assuming you already have a soft rooted Nook and have access to ADB.

Removing the Guides From the Nook.

The first step is to open a command prompt and connect to your Nook. You must be connected to your wireless network and know your Nook's IP address.

adb connect <Nook's IP address>
Next back up your guides, you never know when you may want to install them again. Change directories to where you would like your guides backed up to. Capitalization is important.

adb pull /system/media/guides/Tour.epub
adb pull /system/media/guides/User-guide.epub
Now you are going to remove the books from your Nook.

adb shell rm -r /system/media/guides/Tour.epub
adb shell rm -r /system/media/guides/User-guide.epub
Reboot your Nook, you are all done.

Re-installing the guides.

Not sure why you would want to do this after the hassle of having to remove them, but I wanted to make this an all inclusive guide.

Connect to your Nook and issue the following commands.

adb push Tour.epub /system/media/guides/Tour.epub
adb push User-guide.epub /system/media/guides/User-guide.epub
Reboot your Nook
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