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Sending magazines to Device

Have not had this problem before! Just upgraded to 0.7.53 but really don't see that this would cause problem.
I wanted to get several samples from the 'Fetch News' section (have a few on automatic so have been a regular user of this great feature).

I selected a download of 5 'magazines' and included in the selection was:

New Journal of Physics (and)

Scientific American

The other three I selected went down to my Kindle with no problem.

The two above - one of them did and I thought I had missed selecting the other. Every time I try to download 'the other' the one that was being shown as on my Kindle in 'On Device' column then unticks itself and shows as not on the Kindle. If I select one and send to device it does but then 'unticks' the other.

Has anyone struck this one?

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