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I will have a look for other ISBN types different from this I've posted and those in the textfile.

What I meant with the 1 is that if I scan only a few books for an ISBN then the number shows which book is scanned. If there is a a great number to scan he will show 1 until the scan is finished.
I can say exactly how many books just have only 1 format. Just 4
- 1 empty entry (placeholder for a book that will be published in may and which I've already bought)
- 3 dictionaries which I exclude from all conversion and such things as they are large and nothing to be found in them at all

[edit]All other books have a minimum of two formats (epub and mobi)[/edit]

But nevertheless this is a good plugin. I have some suggestions for it, but I need a little bit to write down, what I mean.

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