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Image Magick equivalent for pdflrf


My first post here. Hope I'm doing everything "according to the book"!

I've been using pdflrf for a while now, and although the results are not bad at all, I feel I need to have some more control. I'm hoping I can use Image Magick to do what pdflrf does, with the added advantage that I can adjust settings more easily.

Specifically, I want to be able to:
- review/modify the generated png files before compiling them into an ebook
- convert to epub instead of lrf

My workflow would be something like this:
- convert the pdf file to png
- get rid of the white margins (Image Magick does a wonderful job here)
- rotate 90 and resize the height so it's equal to the width of my ereader screen (Sony PRS-350)
- make chunks with dimensions that fit my ereader
- if text lines are broken, find a line that's completely white and split there instead (cf. "smart cut" in pdflrf)
- thicken the edges, to increase readability
- join pages (so I don't have pages with just a couple of lines on them, cf. pdflrf)
- compile to epub

This would be (mostly) the same workflow as in pdflrf...

Can this be done with Image Magick? (or another tool, perhaps)


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