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Originally Posted by gwynevans View Post
I'm not sure how much help this will be, as it requires (a) Python then (b) downloading & installing kovid's libprs500 source first, but I'm using a Python script to scan my eBook-folders, parsing my filenames (formated "<author> - [<series> -] <title>.lrf") and set the Author & Title meta-data using the values in the file spec.

e.g. With a file named "Moon, Elizabeth - Paksenarrion 01 - Sheepfarmer's Daughter.lrf", it sets the Author to "Moon, Elizabeth" and the title to "Sheepfarmer's Daughter".

It's a few hoops to jump through to setup the environment if you're not already using python, so might not be worth it for you - I don't know.
Thanks for your help again
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