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As we all are, an avid reader!

I am as, most here are, someone who lives and breathes books. Recently however, due to upcoming graduate school and family life have had to begin selling or giving away my paper library. This is something that hurts quite a bit more then I ever expected it would. However, to move where we are planning for my graduate studies it is necessary to reduce expenses and a major one is moving the over three thousand first edition manuscripts my library once held.

Thankfully my caring family realized the sacrifice I was making and purchased for me a Kindle 2, this tiny piece of hardware has completely changed my life and now I carry it with me everywhere. Currently, I have over 500 of my precious books on it and am always looking for more. Thanks to Gutenburg and other similar avenues I have been able to restore my priceless (to me) collections of work from 200+ years ago.

I am joining this forum for two purposes, first because it seems like a wonderful place, and second because my thirst for knowledge drives me to both exchange and gather new and wonderful tomes of print for my now largely digital library.

I currently write journal and academic papers as well as the occasional article for various publications and can only credit my voracious appetite for reading with the ability to place on paper those thoughts that batter us all round the head and jerk from our souls the very essence of our being.

(I am practicing my creative writing as it is not my strong suite and in fact leaves, as you can easily see, much to be desired.)

So thank you all and please do not take offense if I rarely pop in, after all graduate school is far more difficult then I expected or at least far more time intensive.
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