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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
It sounds like you want one book entry displayed when you sort by author, but multiple books listed when you sort by series - one for each series that the book is assigned to.
I wouldn't mind if ghost entries were displayed once for every series no matter how they were sorted (title, author, series) but that is just my personal opinion. I keep the series field visible so it would be easy to see why the entry was duplicated.

You have the same problem with any multiple field, such as multiple authors, multiple tags, etc. If what you want is done for all those fields, too, what do you display for a table sorted first by author
I've already considered the problems that would surface in this case, too. And you're right. Multiples of multiples could cause problems. Of course displaying tags in this way would just be ridiculous and I don't think anyone would ever want something like that. But I can envision multiple authors managed in the same way as multiple series. If each book had a unique identification number that was displayed next to each ghost entry, or if there were an icon/field that showed how many total ghost entries there are... there could even be a toggle for "ghosting on/off" so that you can see it expanded, or only in it's 'main' location.

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