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Originally Posted by Starson17 View Post
I'm not sure how that differs from what you can do now. You can presently create a custom series-like column for all the other series, and leave the "primary" series in series. What advantage do you get from the changes in code required to implement this that you don't get from existing custom column solutions?
Unless I misunderstand how the custom column works, here is the difference I see, (stated in over-simplified terms for clarity). Displaying only author:"Michael Connelly" and clicking the "series" column to sort his entries by series would only show "The Reversal" one time in the Harry Bosch series, and leave a gap in the "Mickey Haller" series. As I see it, there is no way to show that both series are complete without duplicating the eBook or implementing my idea for a ghosted entry so that one eBook shows up for all assigned series.

Incidentally, a side note for this particular author's series for Duck: I am getting my info from the fantastic fiction website. This is where it shows at least two different books as part of multiple series.

So, essentially, the current work around doesn't allow a book to be shown as a part of multiple series that can be sorted within all series in the same column. Within a single search/sort result, the entry can only exist in one location or another as opposed to the eBook filling out all the series simultaneously. The premise of my idea comes back to ghosting the entries for eBooks to be seen in multiple locations, but have all of them refer to one entry.

As for the changes in code, here I plead ignorance. I am not a programmer and have no idea how difficult this would be to implement. But I have to believe it is possible. After all, the software already shows one eBook with multiple formats (EPUB, MOBI, PDF). It would seem that the series field could house multiple entries and display them accordingly as well. Programming gurus -- am I out in left field? How would this not work?
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