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Bumping this thread...

hi -

i'm new to this, so excuse my ignorance! i googled a solution to this issue (mobi file i'm converting from ePub insists on opening at the last page, on Kindle and in Kindle Previewer).

i applied reference type="start" to the appropriate page entry in the <guide>, and just opened newly-created mobi in Previewer - to the last page

so - first issue: it doesn't seem to have worked.

then, i rechecked the Mobipocket guide linked to above, and saw that in then it talks about setting reference type="start" for books like Dictionaries to force it to *only* open at this page, because you don't want it to return to the last open page... so if this spec is correct, this is not the solution to the OP's (or mine) problem.

we want to know: how do you set the *initial* opening page of a mobi on Kindle (assuming that all subsequent openings will return the reader to the last open page).

anybody have a solution?

many thanks,

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