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Fetching news. Timeout?

I know this is probably the wrong place to ask this, but I couldn't find a more suitable section.

I've setup Calibre to fetch news at night, so that in the morning I can put the resulting ebooks in my Kindle and read them while commuting to work.
The problem is that very often, something happens during the news fetching and one or more jobs get stuck (probably due to a connection error, or some server glitches, I don't know).
Well, anyway, in the morning I might still find that some jobs are active, and when I open the jobs window, there is one (or more) jobs stuck, with the progress bar at some percentage, and the running time at 5hrs or so...

In the Preferences->Behavior page, the "Default network timeout" is set at 5 seconds, so I really don't understand why this is happening.
Any help?
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