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WPA fix

just in case people are having this problem,

i found with my router that the iLiad could not connect via WPA/TKIP ,
and i found a fix
but first here are the preconditions, ie. things you should ensure first!
a) the iLiad could see the network i.e. search worked
b) i had countless other devices on the the network
c) i knew i had the correct shared key
d) i knew there was no MAC address blocking by the router
e) i knew i had a strong signal, i was sitting next to the wlan

basically what i found was that the iLiad was just not waiting long enough.

so to fix, you need:
a) have developer/shell access - request if necessary
b) have either ssh access via wired link (recommended), or mvxrt installed

i) get a shell open via ssh or mvxrt
ii) cd /usr/bin
iii) vi

search for rip=4 (its in a function called waitFor...())
change this to a higher value , e.g. rip=15

this means the iLiad will wait for 15 seconds for a connection, rather than 4 which wasnt long enough on my router.

sorry, i know this is not really for the 'user community', but thought id let the knowledge be out there

think we probably need a patch file or something,

also whilst delving through this is became apparently, that perhaps a small app to diagnose such issues might be in order, you can get lots of info from wpa_status/wpa_supplicant but none of it appears anywhere

perhaps i might just provide a modified which has this fix, and also produces more logging if people are interested

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