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Question Total N00B questions! (Apologies in advance).

Sorry if this stuff has been covered before, but I'm on a tight deadline and the search is giving me grief.

I'm off to America in a couple of days, and I'm planning on picking up a Sony Reader 505.

The thing is I want to load up the memory card before I go so I'll have stuff to read on the flight back, and I'm wondering about file types.

Most of the book files I've found online are a mixture of .rtf .html .doc and .txt, most of them .txt.

Will these files display okay if I just throw them on the card then slap it into the machine when I get it, or is there a complicated conversion process or (even worse) a mini-disc-like Check-in/Check-out process to go through?

I realise this is probably common knowledge, and I'm breaking all the rules of N00b forum Nettiquete, but I've just discovered this item and I'm on a strict deadline.

Thanks for your understanding,

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