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Unhappy Stanza can't find my Calibre anymore :-(

Hi there!
I have a PC with Windows 7 64 bits (dutch) with Calibre 0.7.52 installed, and an iPad with Stanza 3.1 on it.
A while ago I could find my Calibre-library with the Stanza app on the iPad, but that was when I had 10 books in my library.
I could only find the library when I manually added the book source with the url, but at least I could find it (hoped that the library or the PC would show up under the "Computers Sharing Books" section beneath it, but I take what I can get ).
Now I've added quite some books to my Calibre library, and for some reason Stanza can't find my library anymore.
It is searching/loading for a while, and then it says "Catalog Error/the request timed out" and "Catalog Empty"....
I already played with the time-out in the settings in Stanza, but that didn't help much.

I can ping my iPad from my PC, I already added a route like someone suggested, but somehow I can't get Stanza to see my Calibre library. I have network access, I can use the internet, I can see the Calibre library when I test the Server on my PC, but that's it. Already disabled the ESET firewall, added exceptions for all the Calibre files, nothing works.

Please help getting this right, because I would *really* like to use Stanza with Calibre instead of iTunes and iBooks....

If anyone can help me getting the library to show up under "Computers Sharing Books" that would be perfect too

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