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Repair vs Replace

So my mum accidentally broke the screen of my Cybook Gen 3 and I'm trying to decide whether I should buy a new ereader or just send my cybook off to be repaired. I'm unfortunately not in a country where I can just check out the latest ebook readers.

I was just wondering, what makes the latest ereaders better than my cybook. For me, having colour screens is a bit gimicky, as really all I'll be using the ereader for is to read. Although having wifi and touch screen would be great, they're non essential. I would rather have an ereader with in-built dictionary (I know not supported by Gen 3 if it's set to read in epub so there's one right there), a decent refresh rate and battery life.

And at the moment, the Gen 3 meets all my needs. It's not too heavy, the screen is big enough and the library folder system on the cybook makes things easier. I know it sounds like I've made up my mind but I haven't! It's just I find it hard to figure out where the improvements have been made in the technology. And if those improvements mean I really should upgrade my cybook.

If people do have suggestions for why the latest ereaders are better, I would appreciate hearing about "alternative" ereaders e.g. from Bookeen, Pocketbook or Bebook as well as about the Kindles and Sony ereaders.
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