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Originally Posted by jackie_w View Post
Oh dear. I'm afraid that log is way beyond my tech abilities. My unix is non-existent. Have you tried more obvious things like:
- a different USB cable
- making sure the cable is connected directly, not via a USB hub
- a different PC
- remove the hacked AdobeViewer, although I haven't had any problems with the 15.2 version on my PB360.
It can not be USB cable or the connection to the computer, since the miniSD mounts fine over it and I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the hacked adobeviewer. The kernel seems to be complaining about stray IRQs and sector read errors. (Normally though a bad sector would trigger a "hard" error which I don't see.). I'll post this issue in a seperate thread with an appropriate title so that someone in the know would be able to help.
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