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Originally Posted by Qxr View Post
It looks like Cool-er can be updated with Росketbook 301 firmware (which is considered to be the best among the Netronix' clones). Those interested do the following:
1. Google and double-google to make sure that Росketbook 301 rules.
2. Google for < "FR-TO-PB.EXE" multiupload >.
3. Get the FR-TO-PB.EXE self-extracting archive, extract its content to an SD card to be used for the update.
4. Find the file in the myfiles folder of the update set, open it in a text editor, locate the following lines
!grep(/mtd5: 02000000 00020000 "app"/,@mtdtable) ||
!grep(/mtd6: 1d440000 00020000 "other"/,@mtdtable))

and replace them with
!grep(/mtd5: 02000000 00020000 "app"/,@mtdtable))
5. Save the file and update Cool-er using the SD card.
6. Enjoy.

- they say that Cool-er will not be updateable anymore after this update.
- do it at your own risk, only if you are ready to get your Cool-er bricked.
- if you started the update but after 10 minutes you are not sure that it is in progress, you have failed. If your previous firmware will not install after 2 attempts, install booq's (also do it twice, if the first attempt fails), then yours or try again with this one.
- there are at least two people who have made it (judging by posts).
- the default interface language will be Russian, but it can be changed to English, German or Hebrew.

PS More things to note:
- I was informed that the internal memory of Cool-ers with 1 Gb onboard decreases to 512 Mb. Personally, I think the gain is worth the loss;
- One can install the latest version of Росketbook SW (v15.2) after this update (which is 14.2). However, v14.2 is considered to be more stable.

I installed the pocketbook firmware given in your link, Also updated to ver 15.2. It is working very well. Many new options.fonts and applications.
I love it !!!
Many thanks for your post.

By the way, in the file FR-to-PB.exe, PB is obviously pocketbook, what is FR.
Another query,how to backup my firmware/OS now. In case of any file corruption/crash . I will want to re-install the firmware. In my previous firmware, or Cool-Er firmware, it would boot from SD card and re-install the whole Linux OS. But in Pocketbook 301 firmware it seems,only UPDATE.bin is read from SD card ,not any other files.

Your guidance will be much useful
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