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Just out of curiosity, is it possible to assign a relative path? Say I want to get it running on a thumb drive, portable version, and open my .pdf's with a certain portable programm on my stick.
As long as I'm using it on my very own pc everything works pretty well, since I'm able to fix the drive letter (or at least it's always more or less the same^^).

But as soon as I want to use it on a foreign machine, everything kinda renders useless, since I'm not (yet) able to fix the drive letter my thumb drive gets assigned, therefore the plugin won't find the particular program (sure, I can change it everytime I use it, what I'm doing so far)
So I was wondering if it's in principle possible to change the path to sth. like "../pdf_portable/xyz.exe"

Oh, and besides that, just gorgeous tool! Wouldn't want to miss it!
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