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Good text to speech pdf reader for academic articles?

Hi all - I really appreciate (in advance) all the information you are able to provide. I have read a lot of the threads, and the wiki-matrix, but still need some more input from someone who has used the text-to-speech TTS function on these things.

I get car sick, air sick, boat sick, etc., and need a TTS ereader that will read pdf and word documents so I can close my eyes!

At other times, it would be great to be able to read the pdf journal articles and make notes with a stylus. I loved loved loved my old palm zire with the writing memo capability but hard to find that stuff now.

Apparently the phantom Samsung E60 would meet all my needs, but you can't seem to get it anywhere in the states, or even have it shipped from Europe.

Low priorities for me:

fancy color stuff

Maybe this all doesn't come as an integrated package, but perhaps there is an ereader that would comfortably use one of the text to speech applications for pdf that are already out there, which people use on smartphones and laptops.

Again, advice is much appreciated!
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