Thread: PRS-950 strange battery issue
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strange battery issue

Was wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows what might have caused it.

I had put my reader into sleep mode last night. At this time my battery had all black bars in the display, leading me to believe it had a lot of charge left. Also, I have the wifi switch turned to off. But when I picked it up just now the screen was blank. I tried pressing the home button--nothing. Tried the power switch a few times--nothing either.

At this point I plugged it in via the charger The display then came on giving me a message about low battery and saying network features had been turned off. "please charge the battery before attempting to connect again."

Two things are puzzling me--how did my battery which showed as fully charged drain over night? And why is the reader telling me network features have been turned off, and advising me to recharge the battery before attempting to connect, when I wasn't attempting to connect and have wifi turned off via the switch?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can clarify this for me.
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