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I see a lot of confusion with this whole convergence thing. Many of the vendors seem to be jumping ship from the PDA market 'cause they appear concerned that the SmartPhone industry is going to kill them. Personally, I think that converging a PDA into a phone isn't really the direction I want to go; a least, not until someone figures out how to make the whole thing smaller. I would never give up my tiny cell, for something larger, just because it supports Windows Mobile, or PalmOS. ... and vice-versa. A tiny PDA isn't my idea of functional.

My humble opinion is that more PDA functionality should show up in the PMP/PVP devices. Those devices are designed with the idea of synchronizing, storage, and general portability. The phone is, and has most always been, the tiny device for conversation. Why make my PDA too small, or my conversation device "luggable?"

My $0.02.
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