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Output profile and Input encoding questions

After a zip to epub conversion, all the apostrophes were replaced by squares. I used the default output and default input settings in the conversion window, and input encoding was left blank.

I also read the section about how to use with an iPod and Stanza, so I changed the Output profile (in Preferences) to iPad, kept the Input to default and the blank Input encoding and recoverted. Which resulted in not only the apostrophes being squares, but the rating stars on the metadata page as well.

I removed the epub and started over, trying the cp1252 encoding, but that only made things worse, with squares and other strange characters.

What settings should I use for the Output profile for an iPod? Default or iPad? The default gave me less problems. Will the Output selection affect the size of the epub? Is 5mb too big? (other epubs I have from an online coversion are all in the kb's)

Also, what Input encoding should I use? I saved the html pages in google chrome, but couldn't find what the encoding was. I opened one of the pages in IE, used the View > Encoding and it was listed as Western European (a forum search said that it was 1252).
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