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epub validation error

Thanks Jellby and Donna for your help.

I am down to one set of errors:

I am using internal links for an internal TOC with

<p class="left"><a href="#foreword">Foreword</a></p>
<a id="foreword"></a>

The ERROR reference below is to the line (line 119) with the <a id="foreword"></a>. It references this each occurrence through the document with different IDs i.e., <a id="c1"></a> or <a id="c2"></a>

ERROR: miller_cross_purposes.epub/Cross_Purposes_NOOK_final_32011.html (line 119): element "a" from namespace "" not allowed in this context

These ERROR messages are generated by epubchecker.

FlightCrew is only unhappy with one line in the HTML file:

element 'a' is not allowed for content model '(p|h1|h2|h3|h4|h5|h6|div|ul|ol|dl|pre|hr|blockquo te|address|fieldset|table|switch|form|noscript|ins |del|script)'

This is assigned to the next to last line of the HTML file which reads:


I read somewhere that FlightCrew was better at this stuff than epubchecker. The first being in English and the latter one in Codelish. While I can read the English, I am still stumped by what it means.

What to do?

Thanks again.
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