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To add some further information, we were taken by surprise last November when the group of questions originating from users Kindles was added with little fanfare. Matter of fact, we had absolutely NO training of any sort from Amazon themselves regarding the Kindle ("they sprang it upon us" is a mild way of putting it), and any information we did find, we located on our own. For the record, we have no more knowledge of it that any of you could find on the internet on your own...there's no "inside" or "secret" information that any of us know (which is why all those "how many Kindles has Amazon sold" questions only received guesses--we really don't know either).

Amazon should've made a decision back then how to deal with Kindle support--either send the questions to us, but actually provide information on the product for us to work with, or have actively filtered out support questions from day one. They did neither.
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