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The Robbery: A Short Story that goes wrong for all the wrong reasons

The Robbery: A Short Story

A robbery gone bad for all the wrong reasons.

Brief Synopsis:
Walter decided to rob his company when his business was failing and his wife, Muriel, no longer loved him. His plan was simple: grab the bearer bonds and runóworry about the details later.

Everything was fine until a Puerto Rican youth robbed him while he was making his escape.

And that changed everything.

Now he was the victim.

Now he had to figure out how to get the bonds backóand that meant he had to assume the robbery was not merely a coincidence. That Muriel or his partner, Joe, or Luis, the cleaning man, had to be involved.

And he had been shot during the robbery.

And the police would soon come around asking questions.

If things were bad before, they were terrible now.

Thanks for taking a look.
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