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Originally Posted by glennrp View Post
Could you be more specific about what pngcrush did to the images? It should not have changed their appearance.
Setting the color pallet to 16 make the images look very bad (they open just fine in windows image viewer). Seems like the Kindle has a slight problem with its png decompresser.

Originally Posted by psycholoner View Post
I'm having a rough time with this program. I'm converting for a DXG, so I'm using 1200 and 824 (Yes, I have the numbers in the right boxes.). It seems to want to rotate portrait images when It's not supposed to. I tried it on lower resolutions, and it isn't as bad, but I still have a couple of images that get rotated by mistake.

Theres also this weird problem that happens when it does rotate in this way. In the case where it rotates when its not supposed to, the picture gets scaled to 1200 height AFTER its rotated. This means that the width ends up being something around 1700, regardless of the 800 pixel limit.

I'll wait a bit longer for this program.
Already fixed that in the current dev version. Didn't notice it until I converted a shitload of manga


Screw it, new version with bugfixes, full multithreading now available in OP. (Custom settings and saving of settings will be in the next release)

psycholoner check it out and if the images are still falsely rotated, could you please PM one of the to me, to see what the problem is?

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