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How can I convert topaz ebook from multiple xhtml's (SVG) to single pdf?

I purchased a Kindle ebook that turned out to be topaz formatted. I don't like reading Kindle ebooks in Kindle for PC (running in Wine in Linux), so I passed this book through the KindleBooks.pyw program from DRM_tools_v3.7 and then used Calibre to convert the .zip file containing a single html file plus .css, .opf and images into a Mobi ebook. However, in the process some formatting is lost and the text is corrupted through Amazon OCR errors.

KindleBooks.pyw also produced a file that contains an "img" folder with many .jpg and .svg images, a folder "svg", and a file index_svg.xhtml. The "svg" folder holds all of the book's pages as individual xhtml files that I can inspect with my webbrowser (and navigate through with javascript); they represent the original scanned images of all the book's pages.

I would like now to convert and assemble all these individual pages to a single pdf file that I can read with Adobe Reader, e.g. as "single page continuous". How can I do that?

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