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Nook Color file format questions...

Greetings all.

I'm starting medical training and have a habit of saving files as web archive (if I wish to retain functionality) or print as pdf. I just can't decide on the current crop of tablets. If it isn't one limitation it's another combined with the price that makes it a hard choice.

So Here is my question: I use firefox and employ an extension called Mozilla Archive Format which gives the option of saving a whole page in .mht or .maff format. Does the nook color support either of those formats? I'm fine with rooting and installing roms so please feel free to suggest it if it will yield what I'm after. The ipad doesn't I know for certain and I know I could just use the Safari in the ipad to save the page I want and be done with it but I'm not entirely certain I want an Ipad nor a Xoom due to costs. plus I'm not a fan of the design of the xoom; the ipad 2 is much nicer in that department. I suppose I could get 1st gen Ipad if I had to but the price for the nook color is just the sweet spot I'm after even if the screen is smaller.

Thanks for any info you can offer
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