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I had a 950 with a stuck pixel near the center--left to right--and about two-thirds the way down the screen. I'm like you, in that it bugged the living crap out of me even though I couldn't see it most of the time. In fact, to really see it clearly I had to use a magnifying glass. I tried to get used to it for about 2 weeks but finally exchanged it for another (seems to be fine).

Some people are pretty anal about stuff like this, and I'm one of them. So I don't think you're being a prick at all. When you shove out a lot of money for a product it should not have visible defects. This is something the company's quality control technically can and should be willing to catch, so as far as I'm concerned the purchaser is the last line in detecting these sorts of defects. Sadly, the company will probably find nothing wrong with it and call it refurbished.
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