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Well i heard it straight from sony australia that there were alot of problems with the model i have. But i have done the firmware update, and its been working fine since yesterday, so hopefully it will fix the problems i have been having..

I purchased my reader in beginning of october, and worked perfectly for 4 months, travelled heaps with it, eygpt, vietnam, argentina and europe, and loved it as saved heaps of room with 1 small reader to carry instead of all the books i usually carry, especially in south america where its hard to get english books, and any you do get are really expensive..

But when there was a problem, to sort it out, and to get any decent help from sony was a problem. Also the fact that there is no automatic international warranty cover is a problem for someone like me who travels for 10 months a year. If purchased in USA, the warranty is only valid for there, so if you are overseas you have to send back to USA for repair/replacement. In Aus you have to ask for a "TRAVELLER WARRANTY CARD" at time of purchase to get international coverage - and most sales people dont even know about it (this again i was told by sony support). Why they would make it such a hassle to get warranty repair overseas is beyond me, especially when it is a device designed to travel.
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