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Q. The relevant tweak here is "Author sort name algorithm", what is that currently set to?
A. if i go into tweaks and click on "Author sort name algorithm" it shows author_sort_copy_method = 'invert'
Q. Your authors field should contain the authors name
A. is authors field in tweaks ? or in the left hand pane in authors ? or do you mean the authors field column in the library list ?

Q. This sounds like it is the root of your problem: Calibre isn't designed to manage author names, series numbers and tags all in the authors metadata field. You should split that data up into the respective fields it belongs in. The authors field sorts on an extra column called author_sort, which is probably somewhat messed up because of the rather random content of your authors metadata field as you described below.
A. ok so the metadata could place my authors by first name first or first name last and also with a series number, which seems to have occurred but how do i split up the data "into respective fields it belongs in"

I am sorry but bill gates can rest content that i will not overtake him with my computer prowess but this appears awfully long winded for what i want, calibre does a fine job of compiling ebooks,reformatting them,finding covers etc, and adding them to your reader. BUT since i have the ebooks in a list i am sure something like excel could organise them in one click ?
thank you very much.

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