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I have had The Book since October and I love it. My previous reader was a Sony PRS-505, and even though the e-ink was nice during the day, if I wanted to read at night I had to get a book light for it.
It is much easier to download the books you buy to your computer and then upload them to The Book. In fact, the only complaint I have about The Book is the internet function. It is VERY slow, and you are pretty limited to what sites you can go to. It's good for looking something up on Google or Wikipedia and downloading books, but not much else. I tried to get movies from my Netflix account, and I can get to the site, but it will not let me sign in. But if you really want to download from the ebooksmedia store here are the instructions:

3 Easy Steps To Buy Books On Your Augen eReader

Step 1

A)Click WIFI
B)Enable network
C)Select your network name
D)You are now connected to the internet

Step 2

A)Click DRM register
B)Create an Adobe ID by entering a valid email address in the Adobe ID field
C)Create a password by inputing in the password field
D)Click Activate

Step 3

A)Select buy books
B)Add the ebook to cart
C)Download the ebook
D)Enjoy TheBook™ By Augen

You might also check with your local library. A lot of them are now offering a borrow and ebook program via the library's website. I live in Ohio and our public library's are linked to the Ohio ebook Project. I can log in with my local library card and download books in several different formats.
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