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Originally Posted by tipstir View Post
Thanks roc, good observation and technical report of your findings! But they all suffer from this and thus I believe Craig Electronics must be aware of this issue and so does CVS Corp.
. . .
Still for the money I have to agree with you the tablet offers you a lot from CVS Drug Store. And some extra perks you have it rooted and Official Market on it.
I do have to revise my observations a bit - had a chance today to look at it closely in full sunlight. The edge gap of the top layer looks even all the way around, so that in itself does not seem to indicate a general shifted placement of the screen. But a shift still seems likely to be the case if that layer was put on after that point. I don't know how else that obvious left edge text cutoff would be explained on a number of different units bought from widely scattered CVS stores (mine was purchased in Durham, NC) aside from a manufacturing defect that positions them that way (plastic molding process just a bit off?). We need to look at some other app displays where we can see that kind of detail - would need some obvious differentiated parts of that edge of the app's display, and see if they "appear" as the tablet is rotated to move that edge view around to other sides of the screen.

I made one attempt last week to open my unit by taking out the 2 tiny screws on the end where all the connections are, but it got kind of hung up as I started trying to separate the front bezel going along the bottom edge opposite the CRAIG logo, and I was afraid that I would start breaking off the internal plastic snap tabs that likely hold it together. I think I will take another look in bright light with my reading glasses on to see if I get any better view of what is holding it together at that point - would like to see the screen "bare" along with my original idea to see if anything with the wifi antenna is causing the issues I am having with frequent loss of connectivity in my house even when the tablet is stationary on a stand.
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