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Originally Posted by bhartman36 View Post
I don't see any fine lines around the panel, but when I launched CM3, the left side of the text was cut off by a millimeter or two. Very strange, because I haven't noticed that in any other apps...
I have noticed that text cutoff on the left edge of mine, too (landscape with "Craig" logo on top). Looks either like a classic video adjustment issue (hsync on LCD possible?), or imprecise placement of the LCD panel within the bezel, which I suspect is more likely considering the price point. Simple fix: rotate 180 degrees for apps where it matters like a terminal session

But then the placement of the top layer on the screen (protector? anti-glare? digitizer?) might be more noticeable as there is a gap of about that same 1mm or so on that side. Hmm... maybe that is also imprecise screen placement issue - everything shifted that way? Oh well, for <$100 we may have to overlook the "edge cases"
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