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No downloads in enhanced webbrowser

Originally Posted by review View Post
Well, I couldn't sleep well knowing that there are still bugs left in the midori version I've uploaded. Namely the most annoying "webbrowser reset" with each new start of midori (you know this annoying bug where the pocketbooks version forgets all your settings after you close the browser).

Well, the good news are: it is solved now.

Please download webbrowser-enhanced for your model (firmware independent) and place it somewhere on your device. This is the file you will use to start the browser. Then please download midori-enhanced for the firmware you use (either 2.0.4 of December or 2.0.4 of January. For this file it doesn't matter which model you have). However you have to place the file which is called midori-ff (which is stored in the midori-enhanced.. zip) into the system/bin folder. Just replace the file midori-ff file which might be there already from the previous update.
Also you have to download and place this file in system/midori/ before you start the enhanced webbrowser for the first time.
(if you have already started webbrowser-enhanced without this file just see below for further instructions.. it is easy to fix .. )

The original webbrowser works OK; I can download files to mnt/ext1.
In the enhanced webbrowser however, when I go through the preference menus to change the target directory for downloads, I can see the subdirectories in mnt/ .
Directories shown a.o. are ext1 and ext2 . Both are specified "unknown". So I am not able to do downloads in the enhanced browser.
What is the cause of this, how can I change to mnt/ext?
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