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Originally Posted by lunohod View Post
If you enable the corresponding wifi driver in kernel, it will work. You can find the Kobo sources here:

In order to run OI you should build a proper kernel with standard interfaces enabled. For example, most vendors use some kind of non-standard framebuffer ioctl's to drive e-ink controller from the userspace. Our software doesn't use such hacks. Therefore the fb driver should be adapted to work with e-ink controller. There are drivers available for most widely used e-ink controllers like apollo, metronome and broadsheet. The same shit with keyboard control and power management.

Usually you take (obsolete and ugly) vendor kernel sources as reference and start implementing clean board support from scratch on top of the latest stable kernel.

Once your shiny new kernel works fine, the base OpenInkpot system will work almost out of box.

BTW, if you need help with porting OI or implementing new features, I can recommend some developers you could contract if you wish.
Glad to hear there is such an option like the one you mention We are currently at the very beginning of the project and we still have to decide on wich ereader we'll work. In fact, the main limitation will be the short range connectivity. we'd like to discard all the ereaders that include bluetooth before deciding on working with wifi.

We'll keep in contact.

Have a great weekend and thank you again for your good advices!!
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