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Originally Posted by lunohod View Post
Do you have any special device in mind or do you just search for a hackable device with wireless networking support?
Well, that's the point...
We are newbies in terms of ereaders... and we only have clear our main requirements. We need an ereader that has:

- Open source firmware.
- Short range connectivity. WiFi could be the first option, but in terms of power consumption we'd rather prefer some other technology llike Bluetooth.

We have found some ereaders that could be interesting, like the QuokkaPad, the PocketBookPro 903 or the Alex, but we understand these ones are so new models. We have contact with their distributors to get more information and so far we have got answer from the QuokkaPad one, telling us that they "provide all our code which includes the boot loader (U-boot), Linux kernel (currently 2.6.24), the libraries and the applications."

We consider as best advantage of OpenInkPot (apart from the obvious one of offering an open and free firmware for ereaders), the great development community being behind. That's why we instantly wanted to work with it.

Thanks for your interest and excuse for my poor english (we write you from Spain)

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