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Originally Posted by alanine View Post
I propose a new way to implement column view. Here it goes...

So continuous mode is about fitting screens vertically on a page, and column view is about fitting screens first vertically and then horizontally.
This sounds very much like my first column mode version that moved screens Y first and bumped a screen X when no more Y was possible; you might want to give that a go if you do not have this up and running already yourself. I did add a mode and a button, but it is very elegant indeed to go "column" when in continuous mode + zoom.

See for more info + the link to my patch.

When time permits I would like to extend my current column patch in the following way:
  • Allow for three algorithms for switching columns:
    • Poppler precedence mode
    • YX mode
    • XY mode
  • Allow for usage when no text has been detected by poppler in YX and YX mode
  • Switch from one advance mode to another by using gestures (ie. making a horizontal line => move to XY mode, vertical => YX, diagonal => poppler precendence)
I could setup a git repository with the work I've done so far - rudimentary gestures and xy yx modes - and we could cooperate, if you like

(posted publicly to hopefully draw more ppl in to either code or comment)

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