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Originally Posted by bhartman36 View Post
The latest version of Android (Honeycomb) is for high-end tablets (1GHz and over, form what I understand), so it wouldn't be a good fit for this tablet. Plus, I think it incorporates multitouch gestures, which this tablet's screen doesn't support. The Froyo support isn't 100% there yet (I had to uninstall that build and go with the 4.2 firmware because it kept locking up), but once that's stable, I wouldn't be shocked if the firmware could be updated to Gingerbread. Just keep in mind that the hardware is the real limitation. You get diminishing returns the higher up you go in terms of Android versions, because the hardware doesn't support some features.

Think about a 486 and what benefit you might get from running Windows 7 on it.
Ohh ok gotcha. Thanks alot.
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