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New reviews!

A truly stunning novella that I highly recommend to readers who enjoy romance laced with elements of fantasy, or anyone longing for a good old fashioned HEA. While I feel The Language of Souls falls into the adult fiction category, it can easily appeal to teens who enjoy fantasy with a side of sigh worthy romance. At just under 80 pages this is a story that can be easily devoured in an afternoon.

By The Fiction Enthusiast, ***** 5 stars!

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Short but intense is how I would describe this story. Her upbringing has made Solena a determined young lady. Rundan confused personality rises from doing what others expect of him, rather than follow his own desires for his future.

Conflict arises from them not understanding each other's language but this is not overdone. Distrust built on the friction between their two countries means they are extremely cautious with each other.

Unexpected action by Rundan and an startling action by Solena surprised me, causing me to pause in reading. The shock only lasted a moment, and then I had to read on to find out how Ms. Goldfinch resolved the conflict.

An unusual story, but very captivating. The world and its people were well thought out and both main characters actions were in keeping with the story. I truly enjoyed reading The Language of Souls.

By Long and Short Reviews, 4 1/2 stars
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Read an excerpt or buy the book at The Wild Rose Press.

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