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Originally Posted by bhartman36 View Post
Hi, roc.

I have WPA2 enabled with no problems. I have heard of some people having a problem with certain routers. Your mileage will vary. You might get some ideas from the SlateDroid thread, though. (I've linked to the end of the thread so you can ask your question there, but feel free to peruse the thread, of course.)

Shad from SlateDroid has apparently made some serious progress investigating some tablet firmware that runs Froyo for modification for the Craig tablet. If it ends up working, it could bring a lot of things with it (including Flash). Right now, the biggest limitation is the screen, which doesn't support multitouch.
Thanks for the update and other info. I installed Shad's 2.1 update (4.2), and it rocks - rooted and market access, so off to the races. I will keep an eye on that FroYo package since it almost seems ready for prime time. Multi-touch is no big deal to someone like me who is used to Palm and WinCe resistive screens, and actually find capacitive very annoying - let me be precise with a stylus or fingernail, thank you very much ;-)

Re the wifi, one of the WPA AP's is a TrendMicro Router/AP that is running off wired connection to the WEP Netgear Router/AP (upstairs/downstairs for better coverage) off my cable modem. The other WPA is a Westell DSL router/AP that I use for backup (working from home, so backup is essential). I could throw a spare Belkin AP/Bridge that can do WPA into the mix to see how that fares.

The difference in stability is amazing (and appalling) since I have a number of other wifi devices including an Archos 5 and various notebooks with Linux and Windows that have not shown any such encryption sensitivity, although I have not tested all the combinations to any great extent since the DSL/Westell is a recent addition and is what prompted me to move to WPA for future usage - lucky I kept the Netgear on WEP for older devices I mess with sometimes. The Archos does stay on the Westell/WPA/DSL connection most of the time, and I have gone through trying out a number of Android tablets lately with no such issue: Huawei S7, Archos 70, Cruz Reader, Pandigital Novel, so it is not an Android issue.

I think as long as I just use the Craig mostly for ereading, music, weather, and news, (with my "throwaway" gmail account) it is not too big a deal - we are in s low-density neighborhood on big lots, so not a lot of threat of cracking the WEP AP since most of the neighbors already have their own ISP connections (one has been running completely open for several years now ;-) ). I have been thinking though about running it through a Linux or BSD firewall to monitor it better ...

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