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Originally Posted by danara View Post

Finally I have tested the files you sent me, but as I told you I don't think the V3 will do the work for you.
- The RTF and word files that you sent me do not display the picture. So assume that the V3 is only extracting the text of those types.
- The JPEG can be opened but the zoom doesn't seem to work.
- The PDF can be rotated, see if that could be enough for you.

I have also tried to find you a solution with other readers:
- If you have the money to buy it, I recommend you the iLiad, it is the closest to a comic experience.
- If not, the Cybook seems to do a reasonable good job because if you use the landscape mode, it scrolls about 33% each time so in my opinio the experiece is good.
Were the original files in colour?

As it seems that the poor quality of some of these images is down to bad dithering from colour to grayscale. I wonder if you'd get a better result if you used something like Photoshop to reduce the colour palette to grayscale before putting in the iRex/CyBook/V3...?
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